The EuroFAANG Research Infrastructure (RI) project works on developing and conceptualising a framework of knowledge hubs, repositories, biobanks and experimental facilities to realise the full potential of Genotype-to-Phenotype (G2P) research across species. The EuroFAANG RI project aims to streamline interdisciplinary capabilities for G2P research in terrestrial and aquatic farmed animals and provide further transnational access to all the relevant facilities, expertise and knowledge to European stakeholders in the future. It draws on the research infrastructures available in the initial project group and aims to expand from there.

By establishing EuroFAANG, the H2020 projects GEroNIMO, AQUA-FAANG, BovReg, GENE-SWitCH, Rumigen and HoloRuminant have formed a closer relationship to coordinate their objectives within Europe in association with the international FAANG initiative. EuroFAANG brings together a wide range of expertise in farmed animal biology and breeding, genomics, bioinformatics, modelling and open data, as well as multiple platforms for dissemination and outreach, with a common goal to discover links between genome and phenome (i.e. G2P) in the frame of the FAANG to Fork strategy.