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EuroFAANG Genome Editing Think Tank

We bring together geneticists, welfare experts, animal breeders, gene editing specialists, and ethicists to explore the ethical, scientific, and practical dimensions of genome editing in farmed animals.

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If you’re interested in contributing to this groundbreaking work and want to be part of our think tank, we invite you to fill in the registration form. Your registration will be reviewed and you will then be able to have the credentials for accessing the collaborative platform.

We look forward to your valuable insights and active participation in our discussions and initiatives. Welcome aboard!

Join us as we navigate the intersection of genetics, welfare, and responsible innovation in G2P research.

Our initiative aligns with the objectives of the EuroFAANG’s Work Package 5, which aims to develop a framework for sharing and expanding capabilities in genome editing as a route to understanding the genotype to phenotype link in farmed animals.

As a member of our think tank, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Connect with animal facilities and expertise in modelling the effects of introducing edited animals into breeding populations.
  • Contribute to the creation of a European think-tank on genome editing in farm animals.
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